Domestic workers and the National Domestic Workers Alliance have long been at the forefront of what Grace Lee Boggs calls “a revolution in values” that makes  love -- radical, transformational, powerful love -- a core responsibility and practice of movement building. Despite the critical work of domestic workers, caring for what’s most important in our lives, their work is undervalued, invisible and vulnerable to abuse. The labor of domestic workers -- the care and love of our homes, children, elderly and people with disabilities -- has shaped NDWA’s organizing and movement building approach of leading with love and building power.

In honor of NDWA’s 10th Anniversary “Leading With Love” award event (see below), NDWA’s history of leading with love, and our commitment to a deep relationship with NDWA, MSC is changing the name of our “lead with love” community building effort to #LoveWithPower.  

The name #Love With Power:

  • Captures the spirit of our community’s pledge to “take bold action grounded in fierce love”;

  • Comes from MSC’s groundbreaking report Love With Power;

  • Reflects our commitment to embody love in every step, every action, every step of movement building. We believe that moving with love transforms how we do our work, and how we even understand what our work is. Movement Strategy Center believes that anyone and everyone has a role to play and a gift to bring to bringing forth the world we want and need.

MSC is proud to be part of a love ecosystem of people and groups who are taking love seriously as the power that can birth the world we want and need. (Join us for the What’s Love Got to Do With It? panel at Netroots in August, where we’ll hear from several love-centered efforts.)  As part of that ecosystem MSC brings our unique experience with movement building and embodying change. We're proud to be in community with everyone who is living and leading with love.

With love and power,

Julie, Jo, Mimi, Rosa,Taj

Movement Beyond the Movement 3.28.17

Move Beyond the Moment, April 4-May 1

Beyond the Moment, a collaboration of over 50 partners representing black, Latino, the indigenous, LGBTQ, refugees, immigrants, laborers and the poor, asks how will we "go beyond moments of outrage, beyond narrow concepts of sanctuary, and beyond barriers between communities that have much at stake and so much in common?" 

Create A Story of the Future

Transformative strategy is about dreaming into new stories of the future. It is about seeing ourselves as protagonists in an adventure to discover who we really are. Stories teach us about character. They engage our imaginations. Through story, we can explore the nooks and crannies of our intuitive knowing, and unlock creative approaches that will advance our greater purpose.

Check out Movement Strategy Center’s Story for Transformative Strategy guide.

See How Communities Turn Dreams Into Reality

“A solidarity economy movement is emerging from lower-income communities of color in Massachusetts. This movement aspires to transform capitalism—as we know it—into a world rooted in values of democracy, justice, and sustainability. These dreams arise from those making Black Lives Matter, from immigrant workers making poverty wages, from ex-prisoners locked out of the mainstream economy, from tenants barely able to make rent, and from communities being displaced to make way for the 1% …

[Communities are] organizing to resist and reform the current system, while building alternatives that go beyond capitalism. Communities are dreaming big, of building regional ecosystems that can scale up transformative impacts.”  
-- From Penn Loh on the new report  released by the Solidarity Economy Initiative.

Stay Strong, Hopeful & Visionary 3.11.17

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"As we wage fierce resistance, we breathe. We build.We breathe to find our grounding, our strength, our joy. We build toward what we love."

-- Quote from 1/21/17 Love in a Time of Violence video conference.

Resist & Build Resources + Meme 2.22.17

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 In these times we need more reflection and planning for the long term
Even in these times of rapid fire change and attack on seemingly all fronts, we owe it to our communities to be thoughtful and visionary in our work. Without a vision supported by long term goals, we will only be in reactive mode.  It’s like trying to drive somewhere only focused on where you are.  We must pay attention to the road and get where we’re going.  It’s ok to not be sure right now but do make time in the next six months to get there.  Start with smaller vision and planning meetings in two hour chunks and build up to a daylong “retreat.” -- What Social Change Makers Should Do Differently in These Time

 Below are three resources to strengthen resistance efforts through recognizing and supporting love, care, and community:

  • Join the broad coalition of movements and people signing the Resistance Pledge by It Takes Roots.
  • This week is the nationwide Resistance Recess!  Sign up to flex some local muscle while our elected are home.
  • The City of Seattle became the first city in the country to break ties with a bank because of DAPL. Check out this resource on How to Divest Your City from DAPL.

Here are two great resources for building community strength, resilience, and liberation:

  • Check out Mijente’s new Community Defense Zone Starter Guide, “A roadmap for setting up Community Defense Zone campaigns in local communities.”  
  • Listen to #LeadWithLove leader Ejeris Dixon share her wisdom on “building community/neighborhood safety strategies within communities of color and opportunities for building political resistance and community defense during these times.” Check out this Transformative Justice Webinar.

Breathe, Resist, & Build Meme 2.8.17



As we wage fierce resistance, please remember to breathe.

And to build.

 to find our grounding, our strength, our joy.

Build toward what we love.


Breathe, Resist, & Build Action Ideas 1.26.17

Join with others to #LeadwithLove

Below are some ideas from the 1.26.17 #LeadwithLove eblason on how you can step forward with fierce love and hope.

Self-Care & Transformation Local Resistance Building Local Alternatives Art & Culture National Action National Marches
The Urgency of Slowing Down Defend & Expand Sanctuary Cities Local Cooperative Economics Art for Movements Reject Muslim Ban DC Queer March
Resources for When The World Is Terrible Sanctuary Restaurants Lasting Local Change Culture and Our Salvation Defend DACA Scientists March
Our Cynicism Will Not Build a Movement Defending Undocumented Students Black Land & Resistance ANTInaguaration Playlist Defund DAPL "March for Jobs, Justice, and the Climate
Ungovernable in 2017 Black Land & Liberation Initiative DAPL Pledge
Grow The Resistance

New Video Conference 1.18.17


Featuring: Makani Themba (Higher Ground Strategies), Quinton Sankofa (Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project), and Nwamaka Agbo (MSC Next Economy Fellow)

Love in a Time of ViolencE

Video Conference:

Featuring: Judith LeBlanc (Native Organizers Alliance), Fahd Ahmed (DRUM, #NoMuslimRegistry), and adrienne maree brown (co-editor Octavia's Brood)


LEAD With Love Song

Check out "Lead with Love", a song that Melanie DeMore posted on facebook the day after the election.